Why “Murphy” Charitable Foundation Uganda


A Journey of Hope and Blessings

At Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda, we believe in the power of inspiration and the profound impact that individuals can have on the world. Our name, Murphy, holds a special significance in our journey of compassion and transformation. It represents a turning point, a beacon of hope that guided us toward fulfilling our dreams.

Murphy, a name that became synonymous with compassion and guidance, embodies the spirit of our organization. Inspired by a dear friend named Murphy, who visited Uganda and witnessed the struggles of communities, we were deeply moved. This remarkable individual demonstrated unwavering compassion and selflessness, igniting a spark within us to create lasting change.

Embarking on a Divine Mission: A Dream of Forming a Charity Organization

When I was young, I prayed to God to connect me with people who could help me realize my dream of forming a charity organization. I made a vow to God that the name of the first mentor I would be connected with would become the name of my future charity organization. I believed that this name would be successful and blessed. My faith in God led me to create a Facebook account in 2016, with a prayer for divine connections and mentorship.

First Mentor: Leon Sanders and the Power of Belief

For my mentor Leon, a born of 1949, his guidance and wisdom played a crucial role in my journey. I remember him for the invaluable lessons he imparted to me. He directed me to read the book “Think Big and Grow Rich” every day, and he emphasized the importance of studying the Bible and the Book of Mormon, as he was a believer in the “All Saints Church of Latter Days.”

Under Leon’s mentorship, I spent countless hours immersed in the teachings of these books. He set questions for me to answer daily based on each chapter I read, guiding and correcting me along the way. Although I initially wondered if he was mentoring me to become a pastor, his ultimate message was that the wisdom, knowledge, and faith he had shared with me would help me achieve my dream of establishing Murphy as an established and international organization.

Murphy’s Visit to Uganda: Witnessing the Struggles, Igniting Compassion

One particular Murphy, a compassionate friend from South Africa, became deeply moved by my life story and dreams. In early 2018, she visited Uganda and witnessed the challenges faced by communities firsthand. Touched by their struggles, she generously created a website for me using Wix and designed a logo. This event marked a turning point in my life as I realized the path I needed to follow to make my dream a reality.

A Turning Point: Murphy’s Compassion and the Path to Fulfilling Dreams

In 2018, I faced numerous challenges when attempting to register Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda with the government. However, with the help of divine intervention, I persevered. Leon Sanders, my mentor, played a pivotal role during this time. He even assisted me in making a $100 donation, which allowed me to open a bank account for the foundation.

Collaborating with John Peter: Uniting Hearts and Visions for Greater Impact

Around 2020, I met John Peter and shared my dreams with him. We joined forces and began working together to bring our shared vision to life.

Illuminating Futures: Join us in Empowering Lives through Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda

Through faith, prayer, and the guidance of mentors like Leon Sanders and Murphy, my journey to establish Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda has been filled with hope and blessings. 

Now, we invite you to join Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda and be part of our mission to illuminate futures. We are calling upon all kind-hearted individuals who yearn to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Together, we can transform lives and bring hope to those in need.