Discover new skills, meet new people, and make a difference in the lives of those less privileged. Join our team of dedicated volunteers today!

Volunteering for Murphy Charitable Foundation

Here are several ways you can get involved and lend your support to Murphy charitable foundation.

Become a community network leader for our esteemed pen pal program

Join forces with us today as a dedicated volunteer, rallying your community and network to craft heartfelt letters of encouragement for the vulnerable children of Uganda. Your pivotal role involves igniting conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and the wider community, emphasising the profound impact of restoring hope to Africa’s vulnerable children. Through our innovative pen pal magic app, people in your community will seamlessly connect with these deserving children.

Take on the mantle of an ambassador for change in Africa, and as a beacon of leadership within your community, you will be honoured with a certificate and prestigious recognition as a community ambassador. Seize this opportunity to make a tangible difference. Sign up today to become a revered community network leader for our pen pal program.

Volunteer your skills and time

Your skills have the power to bolster our online presence and bring enduring smiles to the faces of those in need. We are seeking individuals who can assist with a variety of initiatives, including:

– Teaching essential subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science at local primary schools
– Supporting our community development efforts through project monitoring and intervention
– Spearheading fundraising campaigns for community projects.
– Crafting educational materials tailored to children’s needs
– Marketing child sponsorship opportunities to potential sponsors through our Child Sponsorship Program
– Conducting health screenings in schools or communities Equipping children with essential life skills
– Offering English language instruction to adults in the community
– Strengthening staff capacity in design, training, monitoring, and evaluation
– Facilitating organisational planning and resource mobilisation, and much more!

Host a Fundraiser

Whether you’re gearing up for a milestone birthday, planning your dream wedding, or organising a charity sporting event among others, there’s boundless potential to ignite change in the lives of children and women in need. Partner with us, and we’ll collaborate closely with you to craft a personalised crowdfunding page tailored to your vision.

Once your fundraiser is set, harness the power of digital marketing and social media outreach. Utilise platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to weave compelling narratives through storytelling, captivating videos, dynamic graphics, and engaging animations, all aimed at amplifying the impact of your fundraiser.

Spread the Word

You have the power to make a difference! Consider giving talks, promoting our campaigns, and developing your skills all while ensuring that more people around the world come in to support vulnerable individuals we deeply care about. Training will be provided. If you’re more of a digital marketing, you can also help in sharing our messages on social media through your network.

What support do Murphy charitable foundation Uganda offer to visiting volunteers?


Induction and Orientation

-Introduction: Upon your arrival, we provide a warm welcome and introduce you to our organisation’s mission, values, and ongoing projects. You’ll gain insights into the impact we’re making in local communities.
-Expectations: We set clear expectations for your volunteer experience, ensuring you understand your role and responsibilities.
-In-Country Orientation: Our team offers comprehensive orientation sessions, covering cultural nuances, safety guidelines, and practical information about the local area. We’ll meet you at your accommodation on the first day to ensure a smooth transition.


Pre-Departure Support

-Tailored Advice: Before you embark on your journey, we offer personalised advice. This includes assistance with flight options, packing recommendations, and insights into local customs.
-Accommodation Options: We guide you on suitable accommodation choices, helping you find a comfortable and safe place to stay during your volunteering period.
-Airport Transfers: If needed, we arrange airport transfers to ensure a hassle-free arrival.


In-Country Support and Information

-Local Insights: While in Uganda, we provide valuable information about the region. Discover exciting things to do, explore places of interest, and immerse yourself in the local culture.
-24-Hour Contact: Our dedicated staff member remains accessible 24/7. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or face any challenges, we’re here to support you.


Certificate of Appreciation

-Recognition: At the end of your volunteering commitment, we honour your contribution with a personalised certificate of appreciation. It serves as a tangible reminder of the positive impact you’ve made.


Costs of Volunteering

-No Service Fees: Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda does not charge service fees to volunteers. We recognise that your commitment is invaluable, and you’re here to make a difference.
-Cost Coverage: However, we kindly request that you cover the costs associated with your volunteering experience (similar to volunteering in your home country). These costs may include accommodation, meals, transportation, and other incidentals.


Fundraising Opportunities

-Encouraging Fundraising: While fundraising is not compulsory, we encourage volunteers to raise funds before their trip. Bringing donations from friends and family allows you to witness where and how the money is utilised.
-Direct Impact: By physically delivering funds and participating in charity activities, you leave a lasting impact on the community.
-Supporting Our Programs: As a national organisation, our resources are limited. Additional project development or new initiatives may require extra funding, which can be covered through your fundraising efforts.

Join Our Team as a Volunteer

Make a Difference: Apply to Volunteer Today

Why should I Volunteer for Charity?

Volunteering for a charitable cause offers a remarkable opportunity to engage in meaningful activities while positively impacting vulnerable lives within the communities. It’s a way to demonstrate love, compassion, and support for disadvantaged individuals in need.

Why Does this Charity Need Volunteers?

Volunteers play a crucial role in various aspects of charity work, including fundraising, office tasks, skill development, and event organisation and many more. They contribute through local groups and communities, making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering with this Charity?

Participating in our volunteer roles, such as being a pen pal, provides a chance to enhance existing skills or acquire new ones. Additionally, it allows you to connect with people in our local area and support children, youth, women, and families both in Uganda and globally, fostering brighter futures.

What are the Required Skills and Experience?

While specific skills or experience are not mandatory for volunteering, having an affinity for mentoring, communication, and interacting with others is beneficial. If you’re enthusiastic and committed to giving your best, we welcome you to join our team.

Can I receive volunteer hours or a certificate of participation for my service?

Yes, upon request, we can provide volunteers with documentation of their volunteer hours or a certificate of participation. Whether you need documentation for school, work, or personal reasons, we’re happy to accommodate your request.

How Can I Volunteer with Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda?

You can contribute by sharing your talents and expertise, participating in community activities, and supporting initiatives such as arts and crafts, playing with children, mentoring women, live music, cycling, or gardening. Whether you seek work experience or simply want to make a meaningful impact, we’d love to hear from you.

What is the Volunteer Application Process?

After completing our volunteer form, one of our staff members will promptly reach out to organize an orientation meeting. During this meeting, you’ll learn more about our organization, the specific volunteer position you’ve applied for, and have any questions answered regarding volunteering with the Murphy Charitable
Foundation Uganda.

What are your Expectations for Event or Festival Volunteers?

Each event varies, so be sure to check details with the organizer or online. As a volunteer, you may be involved in signing up supporters who wish to sponsor a child or directly support vulnerable women through cash donations or interest-free loans. At Christian festivals, we aim to create enjoyable ways for supporters to transform the lives of those we deeply care about whether it’s assisting at a stand, engaging with attendees, or discussing the impactful work of the Murphy Charitable Foundation.

How do I sign up to volunteer with Murphy Charitable Foundation?

To sign up as a volunteer, simply fill out the online volunteer application form. Once we receive your application, a member of our team will reach out to discuss potential volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests.

Will I need to undergo a background check or screening process before volunteering?

Depending on the nature of the volunteer role and the population we serve, we may require volunteers to undergo a background check or screening process. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of both our volunteers and the communities we serve.