Other Ways to Give

Help with what you’ve got

Spreading the word about donating to our causes among friends and family is one of the meaningful ways to offer assistance, often through personal recommendations. Looking to get more involved? Explore a range of our recommended methods to broaden our reach and provide aid to more communities.


Collaborate with Us for Greater Impact

  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Create a fundraiser
  • Leave a legacy

Corporate Partnerships

Forge impactful brand partnerships that empower your company and customers to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in poverty, while propelling the growth of the cash movement.

Your Company can change lifes

Forge impactful brand partnerships that empower your company and customers to make a
meaningful difference in the lives of those in poverty, while propelling the growth of the cash

Create a fundraiser

Turn your birthday, wedding, bicycle trip, or any other creative idea into a meaningful fundraising opportunity to support our organization.

Simple acts matters

Easily launch a fundraiser on Instagram or Facebook to rally support for our causes. Start your fundraiser with Every.org

Leave a legacy for people in Extreme Poverty

Writing or updating your will to include Murphy Charitable Foundation is a powerful way to leave a legacy of compassion and support for those less in need. Your decision to support our cause ensures that your values and generosity live on beyond your lifetime.

Make your history

By entrusting a portion of your estate to our foundation, you’re making a tangible difference in the lives of people in poverty, providing them with essential resources, education, and opportunities for a better future. Your legacy will continue to empower and uplift communities for years to come, leaving a lasting impact on the world. Additionally, you are building a brighter future for generations to come and leave a legacy of hope and transformation. Together, we can build a more equitable and compassionate society, where everyone
has the chance to thrive.

Material Donations

Donate Goods to make a difference for those in need

  • Donate Real Estate
  • Car donation
  • Retirement assets
  • Donate Tech Equipment
  • Donate Furnitures

Donate Real Estate

Donating real estate to Murphy Charitable Foundation is an impactful way to support our cause and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Your contribution helps us continue our mission of providing essential resources and support to underserved communities.

Transform Lives with Property Donations

By donating property, you not only provide us with valuable assets but also unlock potential tax benefits for yourself. Your generosity enables us to fund critical programs, such as education initiatives, healthcare services, and community development projects. Together, we can create positive change and build a brighter future for individuals and families in need.

Car donation

Donating your car to Murphy Charitable Foundation is more than just a charitable act – it’s an investment in the well-being of others. Your vehicle donation helps us continue our mission of providing crucial support to individuals and communities in need.

Enhance Volunteer Mobility

Whether it’s funding educational
programs, supplying essential resources, or offering assistance during times of crisis, your
contribution makes a significant impact. Plus, donating your car is a hassle-free way to declutter your
life while also receiving potential tax benefits. Join us in driving positive change with your donation to
murphy charitable foundation.

Retirement asset donation

Donating retirement assets to Murphy Charitable Foundation is a great way to support important causes.

Secure Your Legacy

Your contribution helps fund programs that make a difference in areas like education, poverty
alleviation and healthcare. Additionally, it may offer tax benefits. Giving back ensures your legacy lives
on, making a positive impact for years to come.

Donate Technology Equipment

By donating technology equipment like computers, laptops, phones, iPads, and Kindles to Murphy Charitable Foundation, you’re not just giving devices—you’re providing access to knowledge, connectivity, and opportunity.

Tech inclusion

Your contribution enables us to empower underserved communities with the tools they need to learn, communicate, and succeed in the digital age.

Donate in-house Items

By donating in-house items to Murphy Charitable Foundation, you’re providing crucial support to individuals and families striving to rebuild their lives.

Furnitures for other

Your contribution of furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and other household essentials helps create a sense of stability and comfort for those facing hardship. Together, we can transform houses into homes and empower individuals to thrive in their communities.


Do you accept donations of old cars and technology equipment?

Yes, we gladly accept vehicles and technology equipment in good condition.

What types of vehicles do you accept?

We accept a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, boats, and more.

How can I donate my vehicle or other items to the organization?

You can email us at office@murphycharity.org or fill out the form to register your vehicle. Once your vehicle is registered with us, our team will contact you to arrange a convenient pickup time. We provide complimentary towing services at no cost to you!

What is a retirement asset donation?

A retirement asset donation involves contributing directly from an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) to a qualified charity. Common methods include qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) or charitable IRA rollovers, allowing individuals to donate to a charity during their lifetime.

What is a retained life estate donation?

A retained life estate donation allows a donor to transfer ownership of a property deed to a charity while retaining the legal right to live on the property for their lifetime or the lifetime of a designated beneficiary,
such as a spouse. This type of donation can include various types of properties, such as primary residences, vacation homes, farms, commercial properties, or undeveloped land.

What type of charitable donation is optimal?

The best charitable donation varies based on your financial situation and philanthropic aspirations.

After making a retained life estate donation, am I permitted to vacate the property and return at a later time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to use the property as you wish during your lifetime.

If I've made a retained life estate donation, what happens if I decide to vacate the property during my lifetime?

The resolution depends on the terms established in the contract. You may have the opportunity to lease the property for the remainder of your life estate while agreeing to manage tax, insurance, and other pertinent property expenses as stipulated in the contractual agreement with Murphy charitable foundation

What is a bequest?

A bequest refers to gifts made to a charity through a will or trust as part of the estate planning process. Just as you can allocate cash and assets to beneficiaries, you have the opportunity to include a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice like the murphy charitable foundation. This allows you to leave a lasting legacy that contributes to charitable impact and promotes social welfare.

What is the process for making a charitable bequest?

Making a charitable bequest involves several steps. First, you’ll need to decide whether murphy charitable foundation is right for you to include in your will. Once you’ve made that decision, you can work with your lawyer to draft or update your will to include the bequest. This may involve specifying the amount or percentage of your estate you wish to leave to the Murphy charitable foundation, as well as any specific instructions for how the funds should be used. Finally, it’s important to review and finalize your will to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected before signing it in the presence of witnesses, as required by law.