Pen Pal Program

Write today!

Through this pen pal program, vulnerable children who lost hope about their lives and future will get global friends like you who can spend 20-30min in a week or month writing encouraging letters to them. You can choose to write them on topics about the benefits of education, love etc,and also dangers of cultures and illiteracy, including birthday messages, exam messages, Christmas messages among others.

We have a list of children who need a letter from you. These below are other benefits of this pen pal program program:.

Join the program if you are volunteer, parent, kid, student, employee or employer etc

Get Pen Pal Program Instructions

We will be send you some PDF’s files ith all informations abouth the children as well as their photos. Also, it contains the instructions to become a child Pen Pal.


Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Booker T. Washington