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Youth Empowerment programme.

When the youth thrive, our communities thrive.

We’re committed to helping young people thrive by teaching them valuable skills, guiding them through mentorship, and empowering them economically and socially for a better future.

Why youth empowerment?

Approximately 78% of youths lack clear career paths and struggle to navigate their productive years. This lack of direction hinders personal development and contributes to economic stagnation. Additionally, Uganda as a nation each year still registers lots of teenage pregnancies, high levels of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), unsafe abortions, and child marriages. These aren’t just numbers, they’re threatening the future of our country.

When girls get pregnant young, it often starts a cycle where their kids are likely to do the same. And these kids are at risk of experiencing GBV or becoming abusers themselves if nothing changes.

More than three-quarters of Uganda’s population is under 30, and they’re going through a lot of challenges and taking risks. We’ve got programs trying to help, but they’re not as effective when young people are treated like they’re just getting handouts, instead of being seen as the experts on their own lives.

Young people aren’t all the same, they come from different backgrounds and have different needs. To really make a difference, we need to involve them in finding solutions to the problems they face every day.

That’s why Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda is here to make sure people under 35 have a say in the decisions that affect them and their communities.

Introducing the Award Program for Transformative Change.

Introducing our non-formal education award program for young people aged 18-30. It’s all about inspiring them to dream big, celebrate achievements, and make a difference in their communities.

Through this program, young people get active, learn new skills, serve their communities, and have adventures, all outside the classroom. They receive recognition for their efforts locally and nationally, gaining valuable experience and skills like volunteering, communication and leadership.

Participating in the program boosts confidence and resilience, leading to positive changes in areas like job readiness, health, and education. Ultimately, it empowers young people to create meaningful change and find their place in society.

Award Framework

Joining the Award means committing your time. But the feeling of accomplishment at the end will be worth it, it’s something you’ll do just for yourself and the community! This program is for anyone aged 18 to 30.

There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can start at any level as long as you meet the minimum age requirement.

The Award has different levels meant to help you grow and challenge yourself and these are below:

Gold Level: Skill Development

At the Gold level, itโ€™s all about learning and growing. Participants explore new interests or refine existing ones, whether it’s a hobby, job-related skill, or cultural activity. They’re encouraged to always connect with experienced mentors who can share their passion, whether they’re beginners or looking to improve.

Participants have a right to choose activities they enjoy and can stick to learn for a period of six months. The benefits vary depending on the skill, but overall, they’ll learn new skills, discover new talents, improve time management, boost motivation, and enhance their employability.

Just like in other Award sections, participants should pick activities different from those in Physical Recreation and Voluntary Service levels. Skill development covers a wide range of activities, including: Life, technical, and vocational skills, Entrepreneurship, Nature and the environment, coaching and leadership, Media and communications, Arts and crafts, savings and Microfinance development among others.

Silver Level: Physical Recreation

This level is all about getting active and staying healthy. Participants create their own fitness program, choosing activities they enjoy to improve their physical health. It’s about having fun while staying fit, no matter your skill level.

We believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. By introducing young people to enjoyable physical activities, we’re helping them develop lifelong habits. Achieving physical challenges also brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Participants can try something new or work on improving skills they already have.

This level takes them one month to complete. The activities in this level include: individual sport, Group sport, Racquet sport, water sports, Dancing, Extreme sports, Martial Arts, among others. All these sports is up to you to choose the best one that can give body fitness.

Bronze Level: Embracing Voluntary Service

At this stage, we emphasise the power of giving back. Recognising young people’s ability to make a difference in their communities, we believe volunteering is key to unlocking their potential for positive change.

During this six-month phase, participants engage in various volunteer activities, from helping the elderly to leading community projects. Through kindness and empathy, they deepen their understanding of community needs and build connections with peers, becoming agents of change.

These young leaders tackle tasks like running errands for the elderly and participating in the community projects like village road maintenance, health and sanitation, Community education and health education, Supporting a local emergency service, Environmental/animal service and other charity activities. Theyโ€™ll also advocate for important issues like substance abuse prevention, aiming for a better future.

Gold Development Project

The Gold Development Project is an exciting opportunity that follows the successful completion of the Gold Level, allowing participants to put their acquired skills into practice in a residential setting. It’s a chance to showcase abilities in hand skills, teamwork, and leadership while collaborating with new peers towards a common objective.

This section fosters a shared, purpose-driven experience, bringing together individuals who may not typically interact. Working alongside unfamiliar faces towards a common goal, participants broaden their perspectives and horizons, enriching their overall Award journey.

Participants are encouraged to select a collective activity that immerses them in an unfamiliar residential environment, away from their usual social circles. This ensures a dynamic experience that challenges them to adapt and grow.

As part of this initiative, Murphy Charitable Foundation will facilitate participants’ integration into relevant workshops, where they can further hone their skills. For instance, those skilled in hairdressing may find themselves in salons, while aspiring mechanics could work in garages, and budding bakers might immerse themselves in bakeries among others.


This section is designed to broaden the horizons of young individuals by immersing them in diverse communities where they can witness first hand experience on how fellow youths utilise their learned skills for livelihoods. It’s a program aimed at exposing young people to new experiences that enhance both their individual skills and the well-being of their communities.

The objective is to instil a commitment to utilising acquired skills for self-sustainability and community advancement. Through engaging discussions and immersive experiences, participants are empowered to embrace their potential and contribute positively to society.

In this final level, participants who have successfully progressed to the Gold level qualify for a one-week adventure journey, offering them the opportunity to explore different locales. For many young people who have never ventured beyond their communities, this journey presents a chance for discovery and personal growth.

Embarking on this adventure demands determination and perseverance, fostering qualities of independence, self-sufficiency, and exploration. It’s the only section of the Award that requires teamwork, promoting essential skills in collaboration and team building for successful completion.