Introducing the Kind Loans Program to Empower Vulnerable Women!

Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda is thrilled to announce the launch of our Kind Loans Program, an initiative designed to provide interest-free loans to vulnerable women, empowering them to start or expand their businesses. Our ambitious goal is to support one million women across Uganda with these macro loans, each running for a period of 12 months. 

Yesterday marked a significant milestone as we began the program by distributing micro-loans to groups of vulnerable women, giving them the financial boost needed to uplift their businesses. By doing so, we aim to help these women break free from the cycle of poverty. We recognise that mothers are the backbone of their families, and through this project, we strive to enhance their quality of life and, by extension, improve the well-being of their entire communities.

Our commitment to this cause is unwavering. We will continue to disburse micro-loans to women organised in groups managed by the Murphy Charitable Foundation Uganda across the country. Our primary focus is on supporting women with low earnings or those who are unbanked and therefore lack access to traditional banking services. These micro loans, such as a $50 loan, will have a repayment period of 12 months, allowing ample time for the borrowers to utilise the funds effectively before returning them.

Through the Kind Loans Program, we are not just providing financial assistance; we are fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance among women. This initiative is a testament to our belief in the potential of women to drive economic growth and development in their communities. We are dedicated to ensuring that every woman we support has the opportunity to succeed and create a better future for herself and her family.

As we continue this journey, we will share updates and stories from the women who benefit from these loans, highlighting their entrepreneurial ventures and the positive impact on their lives. We invite you to join us in celebrating their successes and supporting our mission to empower vulnerable women across Uganda.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we work towards our goal of empowering one million women through the Kind Loans Program. Together, we can make a difference and help create a brighter future for the women of Uganda.